Enchantments: 1. Pondering (Part II)

My. Eyes. Are. Dead. 😲

Since I wrote this during midnight due to having the ideas overflowing into me in that hour. I feel like my soul had oozed away from me 😐

Anyways, let us all come to the continuation of this story, shall we?

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Enchantments: Character Profiling (The children)

I’ll be introducing you to the children of the story in “Enchantments”.

I’d like to give a huge appreciation to @Eciilia for making these lovely precious OCs of mine~ Their designs are even better than what I had in mind 😚

All together (Edited)

Anyways, I thought of sharing this bit of info to you folks so to get the gist of things.

Here goes~

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Enchantments: 1. Pondering (Part I)

Ay ay~ Hey’o I’m back again~

Summer vacation is nearly coming our way so I do hope and wish that everyone can go through the days with strength and not feeling down ☺️

In any case, I bring you… the new chapter! wahoo!

I really enjoy writing the interactions of my OCs and I do hope you have a great read of this piece of work. So enjoy~ 😌

Note: illustrations are respectively owned by its rightful owner

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Time is Short (short scenario)

Ay caramba folks

I was daydreaming in my desk as I looked out at the window and then I happen to just randomly got this insane war-time scenario that I just had to write and share to you guys.

Holy moly, why do I like the feeling of characters suffering? I’m a god damn sadist

Anyways, I’ve written down the scenario of what I’ve imagined in my head for you guys to see… So happy angsty reading folks~ (¬‿¬)

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I want to deliver a voice: 1. A spark of darkness (Part 1)

Hi there! This is indeed another one of my fictional works that I’m currently working on. I’m warning y’all beforehand for… dis story gon’ be one hellish road… so… prepare for lots of anguish feels (¬‿¬)

As usual, I hope y’all enjoy reading this story. Thanks 🙂


Aya’s occupation for being a known model and being in the spotlight is pretty much her everyday life. But when a rare illness consumes and renders her very being as meaningless, she met an unlikely man whom will eventually overturn the things she thought were pointless as something worthwhile.

Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-Life, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy

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