Guess how much I love you: 1. Unforeseen Conditions (Part III)

I’m so glad to finally get my hands to continue writing this story~

As y’all can see, the attached image of this post is quite the literal summary of what the continuation would be about 😁

It may seem rather short in comparison to the previous one but even so, I had my share of comfort while working on this piece. Anyways, let’s all proceed to where the story had left us off~
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Enchantments: 1. Pondering (Part I)

Ay ay~ Hey’o I’m back again~

Summer vacation is nearly coming our way so I do hope and wish that everyone can go through the days with strength and not feeling down ☺️

In any case, I bring you… the new chapter! wahoo!

I really enjoy writing the interactions of my OCs and I do hope you have a great read of this piece of work. So enjoy~ 😌

Note: illustrations are respectively owned by its rightful owner

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